Sunday, 19 October 2008

More Beasties

Well, I have been trying my hand at drawing some more four-footed beasties recently.

This first one reminds me of something I used to see occasionally when I was a youngster: poor farmers or sharecroppers taking their bit of cotton to the local cotton gin. In fact, I call this drawing "On the Road to the Cotton Gin".

Of course, it was usually a wagon pulled by a mule and in later years, pulled by a tractor but this little guy caught my fancy -- especially with the tuft of hair sticking up in the middle of his head!

This next drawing of two foxes playing reminds me of those wonderful days I have mentioned before that I spent in Renfrew County, Ontario. I call this one "Foxes at Play".

There were always foxes around and if we were there at the right time of year, I would sometimes catch a glimpse of the young ones running and playing with each other. As soon as they caught my scent, of course, they quickly disappeared, but if the wind was right, I might have a longer time to watch them at play.

This final drawing tonight is of Mountain Goats -- mother and child, obviously. I have named this one "Mountain Mama".

I have never seen Mountain Goats although I have always wanted to. I have watched many a National Geographic episode which has shown them jumping and leaping up or down the side of a mountain.

It looks as though it would be so exciting to jump from one tiny ledge to another, but for them that is just a normal, everyday experience.

There are so many things that other creatures can do that seem so wonderful to us earthbound humans: the soaring flight of a bird, the diving and swimming of dolphins, the running and leaping of impalas, monkeys swinging through the highest treetops.

What an incredible planet we live on. I pray to God that we don't destroy it in our greed.

May peace be with all creation.

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