Monday, 13 October 2008

Resurrection Details!

As most people know, the Christian faith teaches that on the third day after dying on the cross, Jesus rose from the dead. In fact, you have seen my icon of the Resurrection.

However, tonight I want to show you two additional icons I finished a few weeks ago depicting events that occurred after the the actual Resurrection.

In this first icon, entitled "Myrrh-Bearing Women", I am showing what is supposed to have happened when the empty tomb was first discovered.

Since Jesus died on Friday and had to be placed in His tomb quickly prior to the beginning of the Sabbath, the women had not had time to place myrrh around the body -- which was the Jewish custom at that time. So, they waited until the "first day of the week", early in the morning, and hurried to the tomb. There main concern was who was going to roll the heavy stone away from the entrance for them.

The arrived to find the stone rolled away, the sepulcher empty and angels sitting there. The guards were asleep or had fled. The women were frightened but asked the angel what had happened and where was their Lord. The angel told them that Jesus was not there, He had risen. One of these women was St. Mary Magdalene from whom Jesus had cast out seven devils.

This next icon represents one of the tenderest moments in the entire Resurrection story.

We are told that after everyone had come and gone, including some of the apostles, St. Mary Magdalene stayed behind, weeping. Through her tears she sees a figure standing nearby. Thinking it must be the gardener, she asks him if he knows where they have taken the body of her Lord. Christ then speaks her name: "Mary". Instantly she knows it is Jesus and she cries out "Rabbouni (which means Teacher)". Christ then tells her not to try to hold onto Him as He had not yet ascended to the Father. The Greek title of the icon reads, in English, "Don't touch Me."

Neither of these icons are part of my "Rosary Series", but my heart was attracted to them nonetheless. Almost every icon I have done has been drawn because I was somehow very attracted to that event and its related image at a particular time.

Peace be with you all.

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