Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A Wedding

Well, here is another Rosary "icon".

This drawing depicts the event known as the "Wedding at Cana" and is the second of the 5 Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.

The story behind this drawing comes from the Gospel according to St. John. We are told that Jesus and his disciples attended a wedding held in the village of Cana. His mother was also there so the marriage was likely a family affair.

During the wedding reception, possibly due to the arrival of Jesus and all his disciples, the wine steward noticed that they were about to run out of wine. This would have been a catastrophe in that culture and cause great humiliation and loss of honour to the bride and groom.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, learned of the situation and came and told her son. He answered her strangely by saying "what is that to you and me -- my time has not yet come." Whatever Jesus meant by this statement is left unexplained for Mary turned immediately to the servants and said "Do whatever He tells you".

Isn't that a beautiful message. The Church teaches that Mary will always point us to her Son and tell us to "do whatever He tells you to do."

Anyway, Jesus told the servants to fill all the water jars to the brim with water. Then he told them to remove a pitcher full and take it to the head table. When the water was poured, it had turned into wine -- and not just any old wine for the one who tasted it first turned to the groom and said in amazement: "Normally the best wine is served first so after people have had a few glasses they don't notice the poorer quality wine, but you have saved the best wine until last!"

At the top of the icon are the words "Cana" followed by the Greek word for wedding or wedding feast.

Plus, I thought I would post a drawing I did a few months ago and which I never got around to showing you.

As you may recall, I did a drawing of three swans previously which is why I have named this drawing "Three More Swans" I amaze myself with my cleverness sometimes!!

May you have a restful night and a peaceful day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What Jesus meant to His Mother was that the hour of His glory - His death on the Holy Cross - had not yet come. He did not want to perform miracles just for show or to help people; miracles are meant to teach people and heal them spiritually (as well as physically). But He performed the miracle to point out that He had come to fulfill the Law and that His Mother is the Mother of men - all of which are revealed at the hour of Jesus' Death when He gives Mary to John and than says His last word, "It is finished!"