Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I have been looking through my old Field Guide to Wildflowers recently and came across some of my favourite wildflowers which I decided to draw.

I am not certain that I have ever seen Trumpet Vine flowers (see above) as colourful as these, but I am sure it is all right for me to take a bit of "artistic license" when selecting my palette colours!

These flowers are also known as Trumpet Creeper and they have a close relative called Cross-Vine with very similar flowers but with slightly different leaves.

This next wildflower is a lifelong favourite of mine -- Columbine.

It is such a thrill to come upon them growing in the woods on a rocky hillside. The colour and design are both startling and beautiful.

Interestingly, they are members of the Buttercup Family!

I used to spend many long summer hours looking for unusual wildflowers. It was easy to combine that interest with another interest: looking for snakes, frogs and toads!

Now that I can no longer go walking through the woods, I can still draw wildflowers and remember.

Peace be with you.

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