Thursday, 20 November 2008

Animal Friends

I am sure that anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows about my fondness for living creatures. So, tonight I thought I would show you a few photos of me and some of my many animal friends over the years.

This first picture is of a chimp named Kudia. I help support her through the Jane Goodall Foundation. Kudia is four years old now. Her mother was killed by traffickers in bush meat and the baby was thrown in a cage where she was mistreated and malnourished until she was rescued. I wish I could meet her in person!

Next is a photo of me with a beautiful frog. I loved to catch them in the dewy grass up north on a summer morning, marvelling at their golden markings before letting them go. Unfortunately, the photo also shows how many freckles I used to have each summer

Here I am saying goodbye to Anna Maria. I found her one day after a real downpour on a place called Anna Maria Island (between Bradenton and Sarasota Florida). It was love at first sight! I brought her back to Toronto with me and kept her for a year. The next year I took her back to Florida and let her go so she could get on with her life. I was feeling very sad when this photo was taken.

This is me and Furfur -- my first cat. I was being all mushy and he really did not like that sort of thing but, as you can see, he is enduring it just long enough to have his picture taken. He was such a handsome cat -- solid black, not a speck of white on him.

Here I am at least 10 years later with two young friends and their sweet puppy dog. These children are both grown now and the girl already has two children of her own! How quickly the years pass -- especially as you get older.

And finally, here is a photo of me taken about 10 more years later than the previous one. I was visiting my sister, Betty, and her husband, B.K. in north Florida -- as I usually did at least once or twice a year. That's B.K. in the background. Sadly, they are both dead now and I still miss them terribly.
Anyway, the young deer had wandered out from a nature preserve nearby and we had to make a phone call to get someone to come and rescue us from the deer! I mean that literally as I made the mistake of giving it one carrot and after that it kept butting me until I gave it another one. My poor sister had to keep running back into the kitchen and searching for more carrots in the fridge!
So you have seen a few of my friends from years past.Unfortunately, I no longer have any photos of Skipper the horse, Calvin the calf, Big Mama the garter snake that gave birth to something like 46 babies one year, Freckles the spotted turtle or Lowthar the raccoon -- plus many, many more animal friends. My life has been enriched by them all.
Peace be with you and all of God's creatures.

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Deb said...

Nice pics Sallie. I love animals too. We had two baby turtles we raised for a few years and then released back to the wild. I wasn't really too attached to them, though - always kept in mind that they'd have to go someday. Those things are harder when you are young, though.
Furfur looks like our cat Phantom (but he does have a little white on his belly).