Sunday, 16 November 2008

Climbing, Running & Sitting Still

As you can see, I have been playing again -- taking a break from the iconography.

This first drawing is of a Clematis vine which is climbing up a fence. I get such pleasure from drawing flowers and leaves. I get frustrated at times drawing them on the computer since my palette is limited so I am unable to give the petals the shading and variation I would like.

This next drawing is of a mother Impala with her two babies -- they appear to be running away from something -- probably a lion or other predator.

I am not really satisfied with the drawing of the actual Impalas -- it's hard to draw them accurately when they are running so fast! For those of you who are neither groaning or chuckling at my last comment, I will just say that it is an old artists' joke which does not get any better with the telling. Hey, I just realized: an old artist just told an old artists' joke! Now you can groan.

This final drawing is another effort of a Toronto skyline. I came across a picture of Toronto from last winter when there were clumps of ice in the water so I decided to try to draw it.

Actually, it was good timing since we had snow flurries today with promises of more snow to come before next weekend!

I must admit, I do enjoy this time of year when I have to stay in my warm, cozy home while it snows outside -- just me and miz k.d. I am so blessed to have a warm, comfortable home and not a day passes that I don't express my gratitude.

Well, it is back to the current icon. Just one more after this one and all 20 will be done!

May peace be with you all.

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