Sunday, 30 November 2008

Joyful Mysteries

Well, here are the five Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The first mystery is referred to as The Annunciation. This is when the angel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary that she will be the mother of the Messiah and Our Lady agrees to co-operate with God's plan.

The second mystery is called The Visitation. This is when Blessed Mary, after agreeing to be the Mother of the Messiah, hurries down south to the home of her cousin, Elizabeth, who has become pregnant in her old age with a child who will be St. John the Baptist. As soon as Blessed Mary's greeting sounds in her cousin, Elizabeth's, ears, the baby in Elizabeth's womb leaps for joy and Elizabeth cries out "who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me". I love that story so much.

Now we come to the third mystery: the birth of the baby, Jesus -- know as The Nativity.
I am still undecided which one of these four drawings I will use to represent this mystery.
As I indicated above, I am pretty certain I will use the first example. The wording under the second drawing may be too small for you to read so I will tell you what it says: "This one and the following two are all possibilities. What do YOU think?"

The fourth Joyful Mystery is known as The Presentation in the Temple.
Here Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the Temple on the 8th day after his birth and make the required offering of two doves. The priest who receives the baby has been waiting for years for this moment as has an elderly widow named Anna. They both recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

The final Joyful Mystery is The Finding of the Child, Jesus, in the Temple.

This was when, at the age of 12, Jesus stays behind after the Passover celebrations in Jerusalem to discuss points of the law and the Scriptures with the teachers in the Temple. They are very impressed with his questions and comments, but his parents are frantic with worry until they finally find him on the third day.

So, if you have any comments to make about my selections, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, I will go with the first of the four Nativity scenes and will consider the 5 Joyful Mysteries to be complete.

I started this posting about 3:30 this afternoon and now, after many distractions, I am finally finishing it at 9:30! Some days are just that way. I think it must be time for me to get ready for bed.

Peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...


I stumbled across your web page and saw your beautiful work entitled, "The Annunciation". I enjoyed very much the colors you selected for the picture, the balance of the picture's elements, and the serenity on the face of the Blessed Virgin.

There is one feature that caught my eye. I notice that the trees are "leaning" away from the Virgin. I am always looking for images of this sort, which were especially popular in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They spell a beautiful theology--the radiance of Our Lady being "too much" for creation. There were also many paintings done with the trees leaning towards Our Lady (symbolizing, theologically, the desire of creation to "touch" the Mother of its Restorer).