Friday, 28 November 2008

Not More Horses!

Yes, more horses, indeed. Every so often I just can't resist!

This first one I am calling "Horse -- Mother and Child". I really like the way that little head is peeking around from behind mom -- not too sure what to make of things.

This second drawing is just called "Colt" and shows a youngster still trying to get used to using those long, slender legs. The background was taken from my file of graphic designs.l

This final picture is simply called "Horse no. 2".

It is based on a memory of mine of a horse with some of the most unusual markings I have ever seen. What I have ended up with is still not quite right, but it is the best I can do for now. How I wish I had taken a photograph at the time.

I want to start posting my sets of Rosary icons on Sunday in order to see if I can get any of you folks to help me make decisions about which ones to use.

In many cases I only have one selection to use so there won't be a problem with those, but there are a few, as I have mentioned, where there are a number of copies of the same event. I now have to decide which one will be the one to illustrate that Mystery. A good example is the Nativity (Birth) of Jesus. There are four choices and I like them all -- so I could really use some help.

Well, that is enough for tonight. I had a busy day which included a long ride in my wheelchair in the cold weather. I think I got a bit chilled on the way home and now that I am finally warm again, all I want to do is take a long nap -- like maybe until tomorrow morning!

Peace be with you all.

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