Sunday, 2 November 2008


After the gentle images of my last posting, we are now confronted with something very violent.

This "Rosary icon" is the 2nd mystery of the five Sorrowful Mysteries: "The Scourging of Jesus at the Pillar"

The story goes that after Pilate, the Roman governor at that time in Jerusalem, tried unsuccessfully to get the political leaders to give up their desire to have Jesus crucified (crucifixion, by the way, was the form of execution for common criminals -- kind of like today's electric chair) by sending Jesus to be scourged until he was close to death -- but not dead -- perhaps in hope that this would be sufficient and the whole situation would calm down for a while. Then he could release Jesus as his wife wanted him to do. This plan did not work, but Jesus was severely whipped anyway before being led away to be crucified.

There is a passage in the Old Testament (or what we call the Jewish Bible) that predicts that the "suffering servant" would be scourged. It even says: "By His stripes, we will be healed". Nothing is wasted in God's economy.

The Greek word at the top of the drawing stands for "scourging" or "whipping". The colours used and the crazy tilt of the buildings are significant. The Lord of Life is allowing Himself to be beaten so cruelly out of love for us -- the whole world is thrown off kilter.

This next drawing is of a moth which I call the "Ghost Moth". (I should have included this for my previous posting on Hallowe'en!).

They are so beautiful when you see them at dusk -- they seem to glow in the dim light.

This is the Feast of All Souls for Catholics (and others) and I am very aware of all my dear ones who have died -- especially my precious sister, Betty. I pray for them all today. I believe it is in Biblical Book of Maccabees that we are told to pray for our dead. I am so glad that we were told to do so as it makes me feel so comforted to know that I can still do something for all my loved ones who have died -- and that some day people will do the same for me.

May you all have a peaceful evening and night.

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