Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Wings and Flowers

Moths are one of the most interesting creatures in nature. So many of them are so brightly coloured with patterns that look like big eyes on scary faces -- all in an effort to try to keep birds from eating them! Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the beauty their camouflage produces.

This drawing of a moth is called "Moth on White Flowers" -- clever, right?

The name for this next drawing is even more clever: "Butterfly on Blue Flowers". I tell you, folks, I just have a real talent for this naming business!

Butterflies are always lovely, especially when they are sitting and feeding on beautiful flowers. While these flowers are not exactly spectacular, they are a lovely shade of blue.

By the way, I counted up today and there are only three more "Rosary icons" left to do. So, maybe even before Christmas, I will have completed all 20.

I want to start showing them to you in sets of five -- which is how the mysteries are normally prayed.

As I see it, I only have one major problem and that is that I have more than one version of several of these scenes. You may recall that I even have three versions of the first Sorrowful Mystery "The Agony in the Garden". There are two where Christ is shown praying alone -- one with the chalice and one without and then there is one where the disciples are sleeping at the bottom of the drawing while Christ is shown praying alone above them.

I may call upon some of my readers to help me decide which one to use. Maybe I could even get people to vote on their favourites! Speaking of voting ... no let's not speak about voting -- enough has been said about politics for the moment, in my opinion.

Instead, I will wish you all a peaceful night -- no matter who wins the U.S. election.

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