Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Be Still and Know

I have been drawing flowers again as you can see.

This first drawing is of "Dwarf Dogwood" -- also known as Bunchberry because in the fall, the blossoms are replaced by red berries and the leaves become red and purple. They are usually found growing in the mosses of the deep forests.

This second drawing is of the "Paintbrush" plant. They tend to grow primarily in the Rocky Mountains.

Two very interesting things about this plant: the roots are semi-parasitic, stealing nourishment from the roots of neighbouring plans. Secondly, the true flower is that light green tube seen sticking up from the "flower" not the pinkish petals.

As I was drawing these flowers, I was thinking a lot about silence and how flowers grow in silence -- even at their most beautiful, they still never say a word. Yet, a field full of wildflowers in bloom in a meadow seem to shout out their beauty. And when you suddenly come upon a group of delicate wildflowers deep in the forest, caught for a moment in a beam of sunlight, you may feel stunned by their beauty yet they are silent.

There is a verse in the Psalms which reads: "Be still and know that I am God." I like to take that verse sometimes and just think about the first part: be still and know. When I am still what do I know? In my silence does anyone ever see my beauty?

Most of our lives these days are spent with almost constant background noise. It keeps us from having to know, from having to be aware of ourselves. Try it sometimes for yourself. Find a quiet place and then be still and see what you know.

Peace be with you.

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