Saturday, 20 December 2008

Flowers and A Cat

Here is a beautiful flower called "White Plumerias".

While I was working on this drawing these past few days, I would occasionally glance out the window at the snow. It gave me a great deal of pleasure to feel snug and warm and very thankful that I have a comfortable place to live in. While the flowers I was drawing made me remember that the snow won't be here forever and soon the time for the blooming of flowers will come again.

How grateful I am for the seasons of Nature and for the seasons of my life.

I have been watching miz k.d. a lot lately and noticing that she no longer jumps on many of the tables and window sills that used to be part of her daily round. Now, even when she wants to jump on something relatively low, she hesitates a couple of times before she gives it a try. She is getting older like me and I think she also probably has arthritis just as I do. All creatures pass through their own seasons of life -- some very short, some very long.

I was drawing a cat earlier this week -- a cat that looks to be in the prime of its life.

I came across a photo of an Abyssinian -- a beautiful breed -- and wanted to try to draw it. As usual, I don't feel I have done a proper job of drawing a cat.

Cats (and dogs) appear in some ways to be such simple creatures to draw -- but if you really want to capture their beauty and grace, you need to be a really good artist. However, I will keep trying and will hopefully gradually improve.

I see the snow has started again and is supposed to continue throughout the night. I pray that you are all someplace warm and safe.

Peace be with you.

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