Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Flowers and a Different Horse

I am feeling very tired tonight so this will be brief, but I did want to post a little something and show you what I have been "playing" with lately.

This first flower drawing is of an Hawaiian plant called Heliconia Angusto and reminds me a bit of the Bird of Paradise flowers.

A dear friend recently gave me some old calendars with photos of flowers of Hawaii so I have been having great fun looking them over. I am sure you will see several more drawings of flowers from that far-away American state in the days ahead.

This next simple but very beautiful flower is a plant found growing naturally in the State of Florida. It is called "Sabatia" and is a member of the Gentian Family

The wildflower that we are more familiar with, also called Sabatia is the Large Marsh Pink which grows in fresh-water marshes near the sea coast in places like Nova Scotia.

Finally tonight, I wanted to show you my latest drawing of a horse! I am calling it "A Horse of a Different Breed" since I normally draw quarter-horses, Tennessee Walkers, etc.

As you know, this breed has a reputation for being gentle and small so it is good for young children who are approaching a horse for the first time.

Recently, I heard about a farm that provides horseback riding for disabled people. I want to investigate this further as it would be so wonderful to be on horseback again even for a short time.

Well, I have reached my limit for tonight. If there is anyone out there still reading my blog and not out Christmas shopping, let me hear from you -- things have been very quiet lately.

Peace be with you all.

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