Monday, 19 January 2009

Are You Afraid of Snakes?

WARNING: If you really can't stand to look at snakes, go no further -- or at least quickly scroll down to the text part -- maybe with your eyes closed!

Here I am in 1970. I had just finished teaching a class at Centennial College and had rushed home to keep an appointment with a reporter from the Financial Post who wanted to interview me for their magazine.

I asked the reporter if she was prepared to enter our basement where she knew that snakes and other creatures were living out the winter (the article was published in May but I think the interview was in January or February). She said she was and down we went.

She wanted to take my picture and suggested I use the calmest snake present. I chose an Indigo Snake (native to Florida) since they are known for their sweet behaviour. They are often used in Florida programs for teaching children about snakes. The photograph she took you see above.

The article was titled "What Summer Means To Me" and subtitled as you see directly above. My picture and story were the lead items in the special feature. Of course, as has been the case for most of my life, she spelled my name "Sally" instead of "Sallie".
Now you can read about me as I was in 1970. Enjoy!

As you can see from the article, my life has changed a great deal since those days. But that's OK. I really like the person I am now a lot better than the one I was back then.
So, no art for tonight -- just some reminiscing about days past.
May peace be with you all.


Hylott said...


Thank you very, very much for posting both the photo and the article, both of which I enjoyed.

I must take polite issue with your stated notion that you have changed. Oh, we all change physically over time, but the love you obviously had for GOD's creatures in 1970 exists today . . . I don't believe that has changed.

Amra Porobic said...

Dear Sallie,
You keep surprising me with your stories. Why did you wait so long with posting of your snake story? You look stunning in that red dress and the story is very funny.