Wednesday, 7 January 2009

An Artistic Concern

Here is a drawing of one variety of "Fuchsia". The friend who sent me the photo that I worked from also sent me a picture of another variety of Fuchsia in an email today. This is such a beautiful and interesting flower form that you can be assured that you will be seeing a drawing of this new variety soon.

Now comes my "artistic concern" of the title -- actually more a question.

Here is another version of the icon depicting the fifth mystery of the five Glorious Mysteries. "Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth, Angels and Men".

What is causing me a bit of a dilemma is the manner in which this icon was created. I took the original icon of "Christ the King with His Mother" (you saw this one some months ago) and then pasted in a portion of the drawing I had done of "Blessed Mary, Queen of Angels" in order to create a new icon of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven.

Is this artistically ethical?

After listening to some lectures recently by a professor from York University who teaches about the Orthodox faith, including icons, I feel that he is of the opinion that there are truly no hard and fast rules for how an icon is created or what media it is created with. He talks about mosaic icons, wood-carving icons, etc. and feels that they are all valid so long as they are truly a meeting place between God and man.

If you have an opinion on this matter, please let me know.

Finally tonight, I want to show you a very strange looking plant. This is called "Madagascar Jasmine".

I must say I have mixed feelings about how God designed this particular flower -- especially its buds!

Let me hear from you as I always enjoy getting your emails. Please always let me know if you are willing for me to share your comments on the blog; otherwise, I will assume the comments in your email are just for me.

Peace be with you, one and all.

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Amra Porobic said...

Can you tell me more about this York U professor's teaching. When were you taking those classes?