Sunday, 11 January 2009

Beauty and Sorrow

Isn't this a beautiful and interesting plant? It is called "Lantana".

The colours are not as accurate as I would like, but with my limited computer palette, I do the best I can to create the appearance of shading and blending.

I would love to see this plant in person. I am sure it would be really stunning in its natural profusion of flowers and leaves.

This next drawing is another Pieta. The actual name of this icon is "Mother of God of Magadan" and this is the name I am using for my records. However, I am also calling it "Sorrowful Mother (2008)" as the Greek at the top of the icon reads "Sorrowful Mother."

If I am not mistaken, I believe that Magadan is a place in Russia. I need to look it up and see for certain. If any of you know for sure where it is, let me know as that would make my search easier. I still want to look it up on the web and see why the icon was given the name of Magadan. Usually such names are given because the painting was first seen in a church in a particular city, but sometimes there is a miracle associated with it as well.

I hope all of you in southern Ontario are managing to keep warm. I hear we are supposed to get more snow then falling temperatures on Monday afternoon with wind chills of -30 by Wednesday -- and it won't get any warmer for the foreseeable future! This is real winter.

Peace be with all of you.

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Anonymous said...

My colleague from Russia confirmed for you.
Magadan is a port town on the Sea of Okhotsk and gateway to the Kolyma region (from wikipedia)
You are probably right about the name of the icon, it must have been found there….