Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bird of Paradise and Angel Trumpets

I, like many people, have always been fascinated by the Bird of Paradise plant. It is so different from our ordinary flowers and so unusual that it is kind of amazing the first time you see it.

I was a young adult the first time I actually saw this plant -- the real plant, not a photo -- and I can remember just looking and looking as I tried to figure out just exactly how it was all put together! I am still not sure.

I did a drawing of the plant 3 or 4 years ago and you will find that drawing in this blog among my early pictures. My technique in using the mouse for drawing has improved a bit over these years so I felt like trying again. This, then, is the result.

The next item I want to talk about tonight is the Angel Trumpet plant.

You should recall seeing this drawing (on the left) recently and I recall trying to explain how the photographer might have been viewing the flower. Well, I now have permission from the photographer, himself, to show you some of his photos which will make visible how these flowers grow.

The photographer's name is Hylott Armstrong, Jr. He is really good with a camera while his wife, Patsy, is really good with the planting and growing of many of the beautiful plants he photographs. Hylott and Patsy live in Birmingham, Alabama and both went to the same high school that I did.
As you can see from this first photograph (above), the flowers hang down so when you are standing underneath them, you are looking up into the flower. The one I drew was from a photograph that had been taken at a slightly different angle.

This second photograph was taken from underneath but does not show the complete interior of the flower as did the one from which I did my drawing.

This is a truly beautiful photograph -- the colours and the composition are really excellent. I am so grateful to Hylott and Patsy for giving me such lovely material to work with -- and if you are one of the people who like my flower drawings, i am sure you are grateful too.

Well, we are supposed to get over 15 cm of snow in the next 16 hours. I know that doesn't sound like a great deal; however, that much snow in a city the size of Toronto can make an awful mess. Plus, it is just enough to make it difficult for wheelchairs and rollator/walkers to get around. In other words, I think I won't be going out tomorrow!

Not to complain, however, as that will just give me more time to do art work and read.

May peace be with you all.

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