Friday, 9 January 2009

A Cold Winter's Night

Brrrr. It is really cold out there tonight! I am so grateful to be inside and I pray for all those who have to be outside in this weather either to work or because they are homeless or mentally unstable. Thank goodness for those people in our city that go out on nights like this to try and get all the street people to someplace warm.

Tonight's first drawing (above) is copied from a Russian-style icon. Then because I love the Greek alphabet, the writing underneath the image of the Blessed Mother is in Greek and reads: Extreme Humility. The icon is entitled "Our Lady of Extreme Humility".

The belt that is above her waist and loosely tied indicates that she is expecting a Child. Many of you know, I am sure, that the image that appeared mysteriously on the tilma of Juan Diego and became known as "Our Lady of Guadalupe" had a similar belt. This was the way the Indian women of Mexico dressed when they were pregnant. That is, by the way, such a miraculous image. No one has ever been able to figure out how it was imprinted on this rough cloth, why it has not faded or decayed after all the hundreds of years and most especially, how the image came to contain a reflection of an Indian peasant in the lady's eyes (this only became visible after high-powered microscopes were invented!).

This next drawing is taken from another one of the beautiful flower photographs being sent to me by my Alabama friend.

This is another variety of Fuchsia and I am presently calling this drawing "Fuchsia 2". You can see that I have not lost my gift for clever titles!

This friend, by the way, takes such beautiful photographs and is so knowledgeable about flowers. As well, he appears to have a yard full of all sorts of wonderfully colourful plants. I don't think he realizes how grateful I am to him for sending me all these pictures.

Finally tonight, I am including a plea from the War Resisters organization here in Canada. Because I am so grateful to Canada for taking me and my husband in back during the Vietnam conflict, I feel obligated to help this organization whenever they ask. If you are not interested in their comments then just skip them; however, if you are interested, please take the time to send some emails. Thanks.

May peace be with you all.


Please send an email right away to: Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Leader --; Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Liberal Immigration Critic --; Jim Karygiannis, MP -- Please urge them to issue an immediate statement concerning the deportation order against war resister Kim Rivera and her family (husband Mario, son Christian (6) daughters Rebecca (4) and Katie (6 weeks). Ask them to come out strongly in opposition to this order, which would mean that the Riveras would have to leave Canada by January 27 or be deported.

Don't forget the other war resisters facing imminent deportation: Chris Teske; Patrick Hart and family; Cliff Cornell; and Dean Walcott. The Liberals supported the motion of June 3, 2008, recommending that "conscientious objectors to wars not sanctioned by the UN Security Council" be allowed to stay in Canada and apply for Permanent Resident Status after two years..

It also recommended that the Government "cease all deportation proceedings" against such people. But in recent days, as deportation orders have come down against many war resisters, the Liberals have been silent. Please urge them to speak up, and demand that the Harper Government comply with the House of Commons motion of June 08, and state their intention of supporting a similar motion when the House reconvenes later this month.

Peace, Lee Zaslofsky, War Resisters Support Campaign

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Anonymous said...

Your rendering of "Our Lady of Extreme Humility" in my opinion approaches perfection! I adore it. And "Fuchsia 2" as it appears here is improperly titled!! Such improper title arises out of the fact that the title suggests that your rendering is in 2nd place and it is absolutely not a 2nd, but is indeed a 1st place winner. Thank you for continuing to share such beautiful work.