Thursday, 15 January 2009

Warm Flowers on a Cold Night

Such cold weather we have been having. It makes me take even more pleasure in drawing such things as flowers and butterflies while trying to remember what warm breezes feel like! Just a little over three months and the possibility of warm breezes returns again.

This first drawing tonight is of Begonias. A pretty flower in front of a sun-dappled wall. This drawing and the following one are both taken from photographs sent to me by my Alabama photographer friend.

This second drawing is of a plant called Wild Azalea also known as Wild Honeysuckle. The flowers remind me of the wild honeysuckle vines we loved to raid as children when I was growing up in the southern U.S.

We would pick the flowers, break off the bottom of the flower and then suck out the sweet liquid that the flower contained. There was just a small amount but to us it was a real treat. Living out in the country, there were no convenience stores to hang around in hopes someone would have a nickle for a candy bar!

One of the regular readers of the blog was asking recently about the lectures I mentioned regarding icons (See "An Artistic Concern", January 7, 2009). If any of you are interested, the lectures were given by a York University professor by the name of Richard Schneider. He gave 4 seminars under the heading "The Art of Prayer" regarding the meaning and use of icons. If you would like a copy of the lectures on CD, contact: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 73 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON M5J 1W9. I think the set is priced at $15.

Well, I have still not fully recovered from the dental surgery I had this past Monday so I think it is time for me to go and rest a bit. I hope all of you who live in the extremely cold parts of North America are keeping warm.

Peace be with you.

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