Monday, 5 January 2009

Winter Sunshine

Here is the new icon I was telling you about. I finally finished it on the weekend. It is called "The Dormition of the Virgin Mary" (dormition means "falling asleep").

Remember the Glorious Mystery icon I showed you called "The Assumption of Mary"? Well, this is the Orthodox depiction of the death of Our Lady. She is shown in death as though asleep while her spotless soul is cradled in the arms of Christ Jesus -- her Son and her Lord. St. Peter mourns her death at the head of the bier while an angel guards the body that bore the Saviour. The Greek reads "Dormition of Theotokos" which translates into "the falling asleep of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God."

"The belief that the body of Blessed Mary, which remained inviolate after she gave birth, never experienced decay in the tomb and was directly assumed into heaven was already prevalent in the early Christian community." [from Icons and Saints, 2006).

As always, I look forward to your comments on this latest drawing and on the theology behind it.

I am including a photo of the well-known kitty cat, miz k.d. She is shown sitting near a patch of winter sunshine. Just as I started to post this entry, I noticed miz k.d. lying on the rug and luxuriating in today's bright sunshine. She will find the least little bit of sunshine and make lying in it look so good that I long to get down on the rug with her!

There is one other drawing I want to show you today. It is called "White Gardenias" for obvious reasons!

I tried using a new technique I have discovered on my computer in my ongoing effort to try to find a better way to imitate the kind of shading you can do with a paintbrush. Let me know what you think.

I am posting this a bit early today as I may have company this evening. More on Wednesday.

Peace be with you all.

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Amra Porobic said...

It's actually glowing with some kind of fluorescence ... I can't even look at it.
What's in it? The beam of sun caught?