Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Flowers from Friends

Well, tonight I want to show you some drawings of flowers. The inspiration for these drawings came from photos sent to me from my friends in Birmingham. I hope I did the photographs justice.

This first drawing I am just calling "Shamrock". This is because I am unsure of the name of the flower and since it has leaves that look like Shamrock leaves -- well, you understand.

The flowers are so beautiful and seem to grow in mass profusion. If any of you recognize this flower, please let me know so that I can give the poor things their proper name.

This next drawing reminds me of a woodland scene in the early morning before the fog has burned away. I think it would be lovely to be walking through the wet grass early on a summer morning and stumble across something as beautiful as this flower.

This flower, by the way, has two names! It is called by some the Balloon Flower and by others the Chinese Bell Flower. I actually prefer "Chinese Bell Flower" which is what I am calling this drawing.

The final drawing tonight is my rendition of a Gerbera Daisy. There were two photos I worked from -- one pinkish and one sort of orange. I chose to emphasize the pink, making it brighter than natural. I got the idea for the black background from a poster I saw with a single flower on a black background.

It looks to me like one of those prints you could have enlarged and framed if you had something like a metal and glass, very modern decor. So far I have only had three of my drawings printed large for framing since most people are more interested in buying icons or greeting cards. Two of these large prints were of flowers and one was a portrait done on request.

Well, I can see that I have started to ramble here -- it must be the fact that I am feeling very tired tonight and have another busy day tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed tonight's flower show.

Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm literally fascinated by the drawings you posted . All three are beautiful and, in my judgment, worthy of enlargement and framing. But, I have to be truthful and tell you that the one of the Chinese Bell Flowers is outstanding! Simply put, you literally nailed that one! It is so very, very realistic. You captured everything that I saw when I depressed the shutter button on the camera plus a sort of haunting mystique. The dogwood tree trunk is alive in your drawing. And, along with that your description of the early morning, before the fog burns off . . . . . . . . . . is perfect. I've been back to your blog to look at all three drawings several times since I first viewed them because, as I said earlier, I am fascinated with all three. And Patsy shares my admiration and fascination of them. Patsy & I are honored that you chose to draw some of GOD's beauty that he favored us to grow in our yard. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a Shamrock and it's flowers are white. However, there is a Shamrock with leaves that are almost purple. I don't know what color it's flowers are. This plant reminds me of one that my Mom had called (sp?) Gloxannas. It really doesn't matter. The painting is lovely.