Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hearts of Love

As you may recall, some weeks ago I posted a drawing of an icon of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I did so with the intention of doing a similar icon of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. As you can see, I have now completed the Sacred Heart icon.

From the earliest writings of the Church Fathers (and Mothers), there have been references to the love of the heart of Jesus and resting in the heart of Jesus. By the 12th Century, the devotion to the wound in the side of Christ was well developed and gave rise to such statements as "let me hide in your sacred wound, O Lord". This eventually led to the idea that the spear pierced the heart of Christ so that all his blood was poured out for us. All of these developments brought the Church ever closer to the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The visions of St. Margaret Mary closer to our own time were just the culmination of all that had gone before. It was her visions, however, that gave us the image that we, today, know as The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Devotion to the Heart of Mary also was present from the earliest days of the Church and was largely based in the beginning on the words of Simeon to Blessed Mary at the time of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple.

Remember what he told her: "And a sword will pierce your heart as well so that the thoughts of many may be revealed."

If you look at my drawing or at any drawing of this image, you will always see the sword through the heart of Our Lady. Though she was the Mother of God, she, like Jesus, learned obedience through suffering (see Hebrews).

I purposely made the colours and the background similar in both these icons as it is the Catholic tradition to have both images in your home -- usually side by side. If you are interested in having a set of your own, please contact me by email.

Well, it has been a long but profitable day. I had a dental appointment this morning -- nothing painful. Then this afternoon, I had two different clients come by to pick up the icons they had ordered. They seemed pleased with their purchases which, of course, makes me feel very happy.

May peace be with you all.

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