Thursday, 26 February 2009

Simplicity and Sorrow

The simplicity part of tonight's posting are the wildflowers I sketched recently.

The one above is called wild "Blue Flax". My favourite parts of this plant are the buds and the stems. The green is an unusual one and the flower buds are more indigo than blue.

This next wildflower is called "Birdsfoot Violet" Don't ask me why it has that name because I don't know. Maybe one of the readers who is a more serious naturalist than I am will know. Or, maybe even Wikipedia will be able to tell us although that might be just a bit too arcane for them! Anyway, if you find out, please let me know.

The sorrowful part of tonight's title is this icon of the 4th sorrowful mystery -- "Jesus carries His cross".

This is my revised version of the icon in preparation for putting the Rosary icons together in a book. When I saw this one printed for the first time recently, I immediately noticed several things that needed fixing or correcting.

I have now made the corrections and if you are interested in seeing if you can detect them, you will have to go back a few months to the last time I posted this icon and then compare the two. I know that certain of my viewers enjoy doing this sort of thing!

This icon turns out to be an interesting one for me to be posting tonight as the Gospel for today's Mass was the account of Jesus telling his disciples that anyone who wants to follow him must "take up their cross daily". In this icon we see Jesus carrying His cross while each one of us have our own crosses to carry each day.

One of my upcoming crosses is the dental surgery I will be having on March 3rd. So, if you don't see a posting from me on March 4th, you will know that I am still somewhat dopey from the pain medication! Don't worry as I am sure I will be back by the 6th.

I haven't gotten any comments on the previous revised icon I posted (The Agony in the Garden). Please, if you have an opinion, let me know what it is. Thanks.

Peace be with you all.

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Amra Porobic said...

Do you know how hard it is to compare the icons when they are not one beside each other? I had no problem finding the other icon, but they were displayed a few blocks of drawings and text apart, so it was hard to go back and forth and click enlarged image to compare all the details.
I can see that the expression of sorrow on 3 faces is stronger on the new icon than on the old. Also the colours got more brightness and sharpness.
I didn't see my earlier comments posted, maybe you didn't have time to reply?....