Tuesday, 24 March 2009

An Angel, a Flower and a Kitten

I felt it was time that I paid some attention to my Guardian Angel again -- other than just saying my daily prayer: "Angel of God, my guardian dear...etc.". It has been quite a while since I have drawn a specific angel. I mean, the Rosary Icons often had angels in them, but the focus wasn't really on them but was on the activity of the people involved.

I am so grateful to know that I have a Guardian Angel (just like every person in the world) that really works hard at keeping me from doing evil and foolish things -- if I will just listen! How often do we have those moments of instantly knowing we should not do or say certain things and then we push that thought quickly aside and go ahead and do whatever it is only to regret it deeply later. To me, that's my Guardian Angel trying to protect me.

Next, is the flower I was speaking of on Sunday. This is a "Wind Flower" -- this is the flower that I said the Wild Geranium made me think of. If you go back to Sunday and take a look at the Geranium, you may not think there is any similarity since the petals are so totally different; however, it is the centre of each flower that is similar. They both have such strange and exotic looking mechanisms for propagation -- it looks like little creatures standing in the middle of strange forests on both flowers.

Hylott (my Birmingham friend) has sent me a number of photos of Wind Flowers and I find them quite charming -- the Wind Flowers, that is. The photographs are excellent as always.

This final drawing is called "Ready for Play". There is nothing quite like the look on a kitten's face combined with its posture to indicate its readiness to play. I just imagine this little guy pouncing on something and then rushing around the room like there was a pack of dogs chasing him. Truly, there is nothing quite like young animals at play to show us the meaning of the words "playful abandon".

My cousin used to say that the kittens were "bouncing off the wall again". Neither miz k.d. nor I can bounce off the wall these days although I have gotten pretty good at bumping into the wall -- if that counts.

Well, that's enough foolishness for tonight. I hope you enjoyed these drawings and that if you did, you will let me know. I do appreciate emails and comments occasionally.

May peace be with you all.

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