Saturday, 14 March 2009

Final Selection -- Joyful

Tonight I am reviewing the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with you. I look at them and do feel joyful for the gift of Salvation and for the way God provides for us even in our most difficult times.

The first joyful mystery is the Annunciation to Blessed Mary by the Archangel Gabriel. This is the second version of this mystery that I have drawn and I have made a number of small changes to it in the process of getting it ready for "the book".

This second mystery -- the Visitation of Blessed Mary to Elizabeth -- has been changed more than any of the others. I have been trying to express something I felt strongly about this event and am still not certain I have achieved it.

I will try to explain a bit of what I wanted to depict.
To me, this meeting is the beginning of the Church! Christ, in the womb of his Mother, sends forth and fills Elizabeth and St. John (in her womb) with the Holy Spirit. Both recognize that Blessed Mary carries the Saviour Messiah in her womb and that she is the most blessed among all women.
After their greeting, Mary sings her song to God which we call the Magnificat and says: "From henceforth all generations will call me blessed -- and so we have.
I wanted to show the presence of the Trinity as well: the curves of light surrounding them represent the Father's all-embracing love, the flames of Elizabeth's robe represent the action of the Holy Spirit while Christ, Himself, in the form of a tiny baby, makes His first "converts".

I hope some of this makes sense to some of you.

This third mystery -- the Birth of Christ Jesus in the Stable and laid in a manger -- remains basically unchanged since the first time I showed it to you. I did remove a few rocks and things that I felt were unnecessary. One important thing I removed was the halter band around the donkey's nose as I felt he, too, should feel as happy as possible at a time like this.

This fourth mystery of The Presentation of Christ in the Temple shows all the main characters. The child Jesus who is now 8 days old, His blessed mother, St. Joseph, the two doves, Zechariah and Anna.

How wonderful it must have been for Anna and Zechariah after waiting all those years to finally have their promises from God fulfilled. That's one of life's hardest lessons to learn, isn't it? If God promises it, He will do it, no matter how long you have to wait.

This drawing was not changed at all.

Nor was this icon changed. This is the fifth and final joyful mystery -- and truly a mystery it is: to the teachers in the temple, to Mary and to Joseph. All those years later he would be back in the very same temple, talking to some of the very same teachers and priests, but this time His reception would be very different.

As I post each one of these Rosary icons now, I put them in a file called "the Rosary book". The file also has a few other icons and drawings in it that will be part of the introduction.

Now I am going to take my tired and aching old body and rest a while. I will pray for peace for us all as well as a joyful Sunday tomorrow.

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