Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hey! More Flowers

It suddenly dawned on me that I had better get my posting done before the beginning of Earth Hour or else I will be trying to do this blog by smoke signals!

I just wanted to show you some more flower sketches I have been working on recently.

The first one (above) is another drawing of Fuchsia blossoms. I am calling this one "Fuchsia II". I wasn't going to do another drawing of this plant anytime soon; however, my friend, Hylott, sent me several more beautiful photographs and I just couldn't resist. I really like these fascinatingly designed blossoms.

This second drawing was also inspired by another photograph from Hylott of Azalea blossoms. I call this sketch "Azalea Blossoms and Buds".

I have received a number of photographs of Azaleas so I may just have to do another drawing of them as well.

This final drawing was inspired by a photograph in a calendar from Hawaii given to me by a friend.

This plant, believe it or not, is a Bird of Paradise plant. My name for the sketch is "White Birds of Paradise. The "blossoms" on this plant are similar in shape to the more recognizable orange and purple blossoms; however, the plant itself seems to me to be quite different -- especially the leaves. Of course, if I could see the actual plant, I might not find that much difference after all. Photographs, especially retouched ones, can sometimes be a bit deceiving.

Just 45 more minutes now before turning off the lights and the computer. I plan to light some candles, listen to a book on my portable disc player and scratch miz k.d.'s ears.

May you all have a good Earth Hour and a peaceful night.

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