Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hoping to be Better Soon

I seem to have my good hours and my not so good hours. I think to myself: "oh, I am really getting better now" and then the next thing I know, I find the pain becoming almost unbearable which means more medication after all. Never fear, however, I am gradually improving.

During those hours when I feel not too bad, I work on sketches -- mainly working on things that I have never gotten around finishing. The drawing above is one such example. I started it some weeks ago and named it "Looking Toward Eternity" for some reason.

As you may have noticed, I have a real love for docks and piers and the occasional bridge.

This next drawing is entitled "Bright Pink Plumerias". This is not a plant I am familiar with but it does look very appealing to me. The photo that I worked from has been sitting in my "pictures" file for some time so I am unsure of its exact origin.

After doing a bit of research on it, I now think the photo probably came from the flower calendar I got from Hawaii.

Apparently, people from the Orient consider the flowers to be a source of healing when used in tea. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out exactly what it is supposed to heal. If you know, please pass the information along to me and I will post it on the blog -- or post it yourself in a comment.

Finally, there is my latest horse drawing. I have named it "First Kiss" although I am not sure that's what is going on. The baby seems to be licking the mother's nose. Perhaps he is still unsure where the milk fountain is located.

Well, friends and family, the pain has quieted down again but now I am back to having trouble staying awake -- it seems to be either one or the other. I do hope that by Tuesday I will be off pain medication entirely and thus able to stay awake long enough to say what I want to say without constantly drifting off and waking up to find lines and lines of the letter "f" or "j" or whatever.

Peace and good health to us all.

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Anonymous said...

As usual I enjoyed your recent several posts. And as is also common, I am intrigued with your beautiful art work. Thank you for continuing to share it.

May ALL of your pain be gone very, very soon!

Our prayers continue to be with you.