Thursday, 26 March 2009


I named this post "Leftovers" because the sketches have been sitting in my file for a while as I was not sufficiently pleased with the work to post it. But because I have been so busy today and wanted to post something, I searched until I found these 2 drawings and thought "why not?".

The drawing above of the mare and her very young colt is entitled: "Look Ma, I can run too". I am still working on drawing a really perfect horse but, as you can see, I haven't made it yet.

This flower drawing is entitled "Unknown Purple Flowers".

I don't like posting drawings of unknown flowers, but I have been unable to identify this one. If anyone knows what this unusual flower is called, please let me know.

I also decided, after finishing the drawing, that I did not like the colour combinations and that the purple is too intense. I will probably go back and try to rework the purple so that it doesn't hurt your eyes when you look at it.

This last item is an update from the Humane Society International -- Canada and was just posted tonight. This annual seal hunt is something I really hate. I don't know how many letters I have written to Canadian government officials, but so far it still continues as usual.

After the sealing vessels left yesterday, we landed on the ice to document the aftermath.
We passed one pup who had crawled into a small cave formed by ice. He hid his head as we approached, clearly terrified. I tried to talk softly to him, to let him know that it would be okay. But he just lay there, hiding his head.

This 3-week old seal pup had just seen hundreds of others beaten to death in front of him. To him, people now mean clubs and violence and pain.
Please, help save seals from the clubs of sealers.

I hope my leftovers were at least a wee bit tasty. By Saturday I hope to have my new flower drawing finished.

May peace be with you all.

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