Monday, 2 March 2009


It is interesting to me how often I feel attracted to the idea of drawing or sketching something and only later, as I am working on it, do I recall the memories that it brings to mind -- my mind remembered the memories before I did.

This first sketch of Blue Flags is a good example.

I recently saw a picture of some Blue Flags on a wildflower web page and said "yes" I need to draw that. As I worked on the sketch, I begin to recall all the times I had seen these flowers growing wild and how much the sight of them always pleased me.

When I was growing up, we called these Wild Iris and it wasn't until I started using a field guide to wildflowers that I learned they were properly called Blue Flags. When I was very young, I even did a watercolour of these flowers which I named "Wild Iris". If you look back to the first year of this blog, you should find a picture of that watercolour.

For this second drawing, I did not have to wait until I started working on it to recall why I was attracted to it. I am always on the lookout for giraffes as they are one of my favourite animals. I called this drawing "His First Bath".

Of course, as I was working on the drawing, I did recall those years of my life when a group of close friends referred to me as "the giraffe"! I was tall, skinny, had a long neck and lots of freckles so my friends decided that "the giraffe" was the perfect nickname for me. Fortunately, it did not bother me as I was already fond of giraffes by then.

Now, just a reminder that tomorrow is the day for my dental surgery so I may not be feeling up to posting again until Friday the 6th. Hopefully, by then, I will be ready to return to my regular activities.

Meanwhile, may peace be with you all.

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