Sunday, 22 March 2009

No Icons Tonight

Well, there are no new icons to show you tonight. However, I am working on a new one which may be finished by Tuesday -- so be prepared!

The first drawing I want to show you tonight --the one above -- is of a "Wild Geranium". These flowers remind me of a flower called a Wind Flower. My friend, Hylott, sent me a photograph of a Wind Flower and I noticed the similarity right away. I am working on a drawing of a Wind Flower at present and when I post it, you will easily see the resemblance.

This second drawing is of a flower well-known to me since childhood. I called it "Cow Itch" but it is also known as "Trumpet Vine" which is a much pleasanter name, I suppose.

As I said, I called it Cow Itch and I was always careful not to touch the branches of small, pointed, opposite leaves as I believed that they would cause me to itch. I wasn't as worried about this plant in the way I would worry about poison oak and poison ivy, however. Now those are plants that can make me swell up into one big itchy blister!!

This final item is a photograph I happen to like -- both for the impression of speed and colour that it gives as well as the subject matter.

These are wild horses running free in the American west. As you might be aware, there are a lot of ranchers who want it to be legal to shoot these horses so they can't compete with their grazing herds of cattle and sheep and won't breed with their domestic horses -- among other reasons.

As a matter of fact, soon after the above photo was taken, the mare and the two foals were found shot and left to rot on the plains. Maybe they had broken down some rancher's fence while trying to run free... who knows.

Anyway, I had better finish this for tonight as my eyes are getting tired. I rejoice with all you folks who are living in areas where spring has already arrived and I sympathize with everyone living in the northeast (as I do) where the high tomorrow is going to be -8 Celsius with the wind chill.

May peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...

I quote from your post of Friday, March 20, 2009 as follows: "Finally, we've reached the last five mysteries -- the Glorious Mysteries. I am sure many of you will breathe a great sigh of relief!"

Please rest assured that I am NOT numbered among those that you refer to as ". . . . will breathe a great sigh of relief!" In fact, I disbelieve that that there are any that fit such category!! How could I / they, when your icons are so precisely, thoughtfully, caringly and beautifully presented!! Please know and rest assured that I enjoy each and every one as I study them repeatedly with great interest. Thank you for sharing them, as well as your drawings and photographs.

I personally appreciate your obvious dedicated efforts and resulting beautiful and most interesting results.

Thank YOU!