Monday, 30 March 2009

Stuff and more stuff

Well, sometimes coming up with titles for these entries is just too difficult for my tired, old brain -- which is why I am using the simplest title I can think of -- Stuff and more Stuff.

The sketch above is of a plant from the Sinningia family. This one is called "Sinningia Speciosa Touch of Spice". I think this is the same family that African Violets belong to as the leaves are very similar. Also, these plants are not large but are closer in size to African Violets.

One of these days when I have more time, I would like to try to draw some more plants from this family -- some of them have beautifully complex flowers.

These next two items are included so I can show you some of the work I have been doing for my book.

As part of the introduction, I have the page above and the page below for people who are new to praying the Rosary and might be interested in trying to pray it.

The page above describes the steps involved in praying a Rosary and mentions which prayers are used and when they are used. The pages in the book are large enough so that the text can be easily read. If you want to read these pages yourself, you can always click on the image to enlarge it.

This second page gives the actual prayers used in the Rosary along with a couple of optional prayers that are normally included, but do not have to be.

In the actual layout of the book, these two pages follow the title page. Following these pages is the table of contents page for the first 5 mysteries -- the Joyful Mysteries. So far, the book is up to 62 pages and once I find out how to insert single pages, it will probably increase by a few more. It is fun but it is also a lot of work.

I am posting this a bit later tonight as I had to attend a co-op meeting on the budget and did not get back home until 9 p.m. I had better get busy and get everything organized for the morning or else I will be going to bed just before it is time to get up again!!

May you have a restful night and a peaceful day tomorrow.

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