Friday, 6 March 2009

Warmer Weather and Less Pain

Finally, I am back! Although it is rather late at night, but since I have been sleeping most of the day, it still seems early to me.

I did manage to get outside for a short time around noon just so I could enjoy the warmer weather we are experiencing. It was wonderful not to have to wear my heavy coat or my boots. By tomorrow it is supposed to be raining, but even that is OK after all the snow that we have had.

The dramatic photograph above was taken by my Alabama friend, Hylott, and sent to me back on March 1st -- hard to believe that just a few days ago even the deep south was experiencing snow and now they are enjoying more normal temperatures. Here in Toronto most of the snow has been washed away or melted by the sunshine.

I really like this photograph, by the way, as the male cardinal is one of my favourite birds and nothing looks prettier in a snow storm than the bright red against the white snow and the black tree trunks.

This drawing is one that I finished just before I went for my dental surgery on March 3rd.

This is a Gloriosa Lily. I have never seen one "in person". The picture that I was working from came from a calendar published in Hawaii. Anyway, the intense colours really attracted me.

So, that is pretty well it for tonight. At least I managed to make contact again after missing the 4th. The pain was really bad yesterday so I took the maximum pain meds which left me unbelievably sleepy. Now I think I have slept most of the drugs off and so tomorrow should be a more ordinary day. If all goes well, I will be back to "normal" by Sunday and able to submit a more typical post.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts that everyone has sent my way.


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