Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Cat's Meow

First, before I explain the title of this posting, I will tell you about the drawing above.

Obviously, it is another flower drawing. The name of this flower is "Jacob's Ladder" (which is also what I have named the drawing!).

Do you recall the story of Jacob's ladder in the Old Testament? Jacob, running away from his brother, Esau, whom he has seriously deceived, stops to spend the night on his journey. Sleeping on the ground with a stone for a pillow, he falls asleep. Once asleep, he dreams a prophetic dream. He sees a ladder stretching from the rock he is sleeping on all the way up into the heavens. On this ladder there are angels ascending and descending. This dream is a message from God.

As I was drawing these flowers, I kept trying to figure out why anyone would have named them Jacob's Ladder. If you see any connection, please let me know!

Now, to the title of the post.

Recently, I was browsing the cat food section of the local supermarket when I came upon a new product. It was cat treats which contained glucosamine, chondroitin and Omega 3. This combination is supposed to help cats maintain healthy joints and since miz k.d. has arthritis, I thought it might be good for her.

Well, the treats do seem to be helping her to be more active; however, she has quickly become addicted to these treats. Almost every time I move now, she starts meowing with that meow that means: please, please gimme some treats, please.

I try to explain that the package says she can only have 4 a day and I've already given her 5 -- so that's it. Ever notice how cats only hear what they want to hear?
Anyway, now, whenever I have to move from one place to another, I try to wait until I hear her snoring (yes, she snores) and then I move very quietly, hoping she won't awaken and start meowing again. What have I done?!!

Now back to the book.

I want to thank Amra for her excellent advice about the Introduction page. I will definitely revise it.

The page I am posting tonight is the page that goes with the first Joyful Mystery -- the Annunciation. The pages are set up so that the icon is full page on the left-hand side and the comments are on the right-hand page. This is the format that continues throughout the rest of the book.

Please take a look at the page below and send me your comments, please.

The Annunciation
This event, found in the Gospel of Luke, tells of the Archangel Gabriel appearing to young Mary of Nazareth. He greets her by saying: "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee." Then he tells her that she has been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah.

Mary, a virgin, is puzzled by this but when the angel explains that this will be accomplished by the power of God, who is all-powerful, she makes her famous response: "Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word." This was Mary's way of saying "yes" [Fiat in Latin] to God's will for her life. Her "yes" made possible the salvation of all creation.

Whenever I am confronted by anything that I would rather not have to deal with or face, I try to remember to say the same words that Mary said to the angel. I try to say "yes" to whatever God wants to give me whether it is difficult or easy. I find great peace in doing this and in trusting God do accomplish good thing with my little fiat.

As you pray this mystery, try to remain conscious of Mary's Fiat and ask God to grant you the grace to say "yes" to whatever He gives you each day.
Peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...

This is in response to the question of how did the flower, "Jacob's Ladder," get its name . . . . . from this website: I have excerpted the following:
"The name Jacobs Ladder is given to this plant because the arrangement of the leaves – successive pairs of opposite leaves resembling a ladder. And, any ladder has to refer to “Jacob’s” given that those naming plants tend to use classical references."

So, it would seem that it is the leaves and not the blossom that dictated this plant's common name.