Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Countdown to Earth Day

I am thinking about Earth Day. The problem with Earth Day is that it is only one day out of 365. It would seem that we might need to have more than one day each year -- maybe we should celebrate Earth Day once a week! The ideal would be for each one of us to make every day Earth Day by the way we treat the earth, our fellow creatures and our fellow human beings. I mean if I only attended church one day a year, what kind of faith would I have?

At any rate, tomorrow is Earth Day and I will try to treat the earth and all its creatures as gently as possible in honour of the day. Do you plan to do anything special?

In honour of Earth Day, I want to share with you a couple of recent sketches that I have started working on.

This first one (above) is of a Baltimore Oriole. This is one of those beautiful creatures we share the earth with. This is also a bird with a glorious melody to sing. I remember the first time I identified the bird that was making such beautiful music with the flashes of orange/red that I could see through the green leaves of an oak tree. Later when I actually got a good look at this bird, it was a real thrill for me. I wish I could draw it as beautiful as it really is, but, alas, I am no Audubon.

This last sketch was quickly done as a poster for adopting a dog. I have no reason to be making such a poster, but the idea appealed to me when I saw a photograph of this adorable puppy and thought to myself: "what a cute poster that would make for the humane society!" I often do drawings for certain purposes as though I had been hired to do so. Someone once told me that if I would turn my daydreams into reality, I might be a rich woman!

Well, I think I will consider going to bed early tonight as I am feeling very tired. I had a routine doctor's appointment today and have another one tomorrow -- so getting an extra bit of sleep might not be a bad idea.

Wishing each and everyone a joyful Earth Day.

Peace be with you.

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