Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mercy Sunday

I have mentioned Divine Mercy Sunday in the past, but it was at least one Easter ago! The first Sunday after Easter has been named Divine Mercy Sunday by many parts of the Church. It is not a requirement, more like an option. In the U.S., for example, everyone seems to celebrate this extra feast; while here in Canada that is not the case.

Divine Mercy Sunday originated with the writings of St. Faustyna -- a Polish nun who died just prior to World War II. She was the first saint canonized by Pope John Paul II in the new millennium. She is also responsible for the Divine Mercy image which the above icon is based upon. Her vocation was to re-awaken in the Church the knowledge of the great mercy of God -- something that has often been forgotten in times of the predominance of the just and judging God.

By the way, this is not the same Divine Mercy icon I was working on a couple of years ago. This is, instead, the first draft of a new drawing of this image. It is simpler than the previous one. However, like the previous one, I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions for improving it.

The second drawing for today is of a flower called a "Meadow Rose". Although the leaves look similar to those found on regular roses, it is actually a wildflower which grows in meadows and open woodlands. It is as close to a thorn-less rose as you are going to get.

Like all roses, it makes me think of Our Lady, blessed Mary. So,let it be a tribute to her -- without whom we would not have had Our Lord, Jesus, and His gift of Mercy Sunday.

I hope all of you have had a beautiful Sunday. It was sunny here for most of the day with cool temperatures; however, now the rain is moving in and is expected to hang around for the next two days (with high winds included). It will be Wednesday before we catch a glimpse of the sun again. Like we have always heard though: "April showers bring May flowers" and I, for one, welcome all the flowers we can get!

Peace be with you.

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