Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Music -- another art form

Music used to be such a huge part of my life until arthritis decided to take up residence in my hands and fingers. I don't have too many photos from those days, but here are a few I thought you might enjoy seeing.

The photo above is of me playing the autoharp "Mother Maybelle Carter" style. I taught myself to how to play the instrument with three finger picks and I had the strings customized so that I had all the major and minor chords on it.

In the photo, you see me leading the singing at a prayer group I used to attend back in the late 70's. The fellow playing the guitar was a music professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. The man sitting next to me is one of the best guitar players I have ever known but he did not have his guitar with him that night. In those days I had a very "dependable" voice which was good for leading.

I also wrote music and lyrics during those years and I am sure I wrote well over 200 songs -- nothing special, but a few that people liked to hear again and again. Many times I set the Psalms and scripture to music -- just like untold numbers have since the days of King David and his harp.

These next two photographs are of me playing the guitar.

I enjoyed the guitar, but I was never really that good at it. For some reason, I found it very difficult to finger some of the more complicated chords and to move quickly enough from one note to another.

By the way, these two photos were taken in the early 70's right after I had gotten my hair cut for the first time in about 10 years. I had decided that it was time to stop looking like a "hippie".

I really miss being able to play instruments and write out my feelings in songs. Some people seem to be able to write music without playing an instrument at the same time, but this was never true for me. I would have an idea in mind for a song and as I played chords and notes, the melody and the words would often just seem to flow out of the exercise of playing.

Well, I think it is time for me to return to work on the book. I am enjoying working on it, but it is a long, slow process.

May peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...


I have indeed enjoyed the pictures! And, I also read with much interest about your song writing. Many, many thanks for sharing both the pictures and the information. You are so very talented!