Monday, 27 April 2009

No Name

I feel like a no-name brand tonight. For those of you in the states who don't have No Frills grocery stores, you may not know about our famous (or is that infamous) no-name products. That is actually what they are called. They are generally the cheapest products you can buy and they provide you with the most basic product -- no frills.

Why I am feeling this way, I have no clear idea. It probably has something to do with my inability to come up with something I really want to draw. Even the drawing above of the "Old Granite Lighthouse" doesn't provide me with the sense of satisfaction that drawings usually do. I think I may be missing the challenge of doing icons.

Someone suggested recently that I should work on a series of icons of the Stations of the Cross. This is an interesting idea, but would be very difficult to accomplish as many of the stations have never been drawn as icons before -- the Orthodox churches do not normally have what we Catholics call the Stations -- which means I would have to try to create brand new icons.

Then there is the problem of repetitive scenes -- for example, there are 3 different times when Christ falls under the weight of the cross. Well, it is something to consider anyway. If any of you folks have any ideas of a new project for me to take on, please let me know as the Rosary book is in the editing stage now so it is no longer taking up a lot of time.

We had our one warm day for the week today and it was lovely. Now the rain and cooler temperatures are moving in for the remainder of the week. Wish we could share some of these cooler temperatures with you folks in the south who are already having such hot weather.

Wherever you are, I wish you peace.

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