Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stuff from a Slow Day

Here are a couple of sketches that I did within the past few weeks, but since I wasn't overly enthusiastic about them, I just had not gotten around to posting them.

This first one is of a springtime crocus breaking through the melting snow. I should post Hylott's photo that I worked from as it is much better than my drawing; however, the point here is to post my own work.

Anyway, I am calling the drawing "Springtime Crocus".

This second sketch was drawn by using a photo from a travel brochure. Unfortunately, the butterfly was not too clear in the photograph so I just had to sort of make it up as I went along.

The drawing is called "Butterfly Girl".

Finally, I have pasted in the Introduction from my book. I need some feedback so let's hear it from those of you who don't mind helping me improve what I have written. Of course, in the book, the print is different in style and size as this is all placed on one page. For those of you who find a lot of reading difficult, I give you permission to skip to the bottom!


This is a book that can be used to pray the Rosary; however, I hope you will use it for much more than that.

I hope you will take the time to look carefully at the icons which were truly the original motivation for this book. This is how the process worked.

I begin drawing icons back in 2007. It was a slow process because, due to arthritis, I had been teaching myself to draw using a computer mouse -- I could no longer hold a brush long enough to accomplish anything. As I worked on those early icons, I felt drawn to choose some of my favourite Rosary mysteries as my subjects.

After drawing several of these, I thought: "why not try completing all 20 of the mysteries?" I must admit that I never really expected to get them all done. Then when I had completed them, some of my regular clients begin to talk about ways in which they might be able to purchase copies of all 20. It was at this point that someone mentioned doing a book!

The idea felt right, but then as I begin to work on the idea, I thought: "well why not include the information I had written about each icon in my blog?" And thus this book on the Rosary was born.

So, there you have the first rough draft. Thanks for any help you can give me in straightening it up.

Peace be with you all.

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Amra Porobic said...

Think about someone holding your Rosary book 10 years from now.
Try to put yourself in the user's position. What's the purpose of the introduction: your feelings, or steps in creation, or how users should treat the book?
I would rephrase sentences to read more like a story.
I would take out segments about you not beleiving in the completion of this huge project. You did it! I would also take out "clients", it's too commercial, replace it with "people" or with whatever feels right.