Saturday, 25 April 2009

Thunder and Lightning

Just before I began to compose this posting, there was thunder and lightning and heavy rain falling. When I was growing up in Alabama, we lived way out in the country on the top of a fairly high hill. Whenever there was a thunder storm, we turned off everything electrical until it passed. We also did not answer the telephone. I can't recall the number of times that one of the big trees surrounding our property would be hit by lightening. Rare was the tree that did not have some lightning damage, but most survived in spite of it.

Now to the drawing above. It is a Russian icon of what, in Greek, is called the Pantocrator -- Christ Jesus, Ruler and Judge. The book in His hand is supposed to be the Book of Life. When it is closed, it is said that the Last Judgement is ready to begin.

This is a decorative icon. All the borders and patterns would normally not be seen in traditional Greek iconography.

I am calling it "Russian Pantocrator".

Finally, here is an old photograph of you know who!

I am the tall one. I was in high school at the time the photo was taken. Standing next to me is my grandmother (we called her Gansie) -- my father's mother and in front of her is my cousin, Mardi.

I thought you all might enjoy seeing what I looked like all those years ago.

Well, the rain seems to have stopped so all is quiet again. miz k.d. has come out from hiding -- she does not like thunder!

May peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sallie,

What a lovely photograph of the young Southern Belle, Sallie!!! I truly enjoy looking through these photos when you include them in your blog. I get to know you more.

Congratulations on finishing your book!!!! How exciting; I can't wait to see the published book.