Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Unusual and the Simple

"Sweet Shrub/Carolina All-Spice" is the name of tonight's first drawing. It is an unusual looking plant, but quite beautiful in its own way.

This sketch was made using another photo from Hylott (the next drawing as well). His photographs are really quite special in capturing the beauty of a plant or flower through close-up framing.

One of the shots he sent me of this plant was covered with pollen -- little white specks -- which I wisely decided not to try to draw as I think I would be working on it for many weeks trying to put in all those tiny white spots!

These flowers are called "Thrift Blossoms". I am unsure as to how they got their name -- maybe it has something to do with their simplicity although the centre of each plant is quite beautiful and rather complicated.

I do hope you enjoy my ongoing flower show. This is definitely the time of year to be thinking of flowers. Although, we have snow predicted for Monday and Tuesday and temperatures just above freezing (with wind chills below). So all you readers in warmer areas think of us poor northern folks kindly as we suffer through a bit more winter-like weather.

Actually, I am feeling a bit tired tonight as I have been working on correcting all my Greek icon titles. On some of the icons I had played around with the colouration quite a bit after I had finished the drawing. Rather than go back to the beginning and try to get the same effects again, I have ended up using text boxes over the old titles. In the Annuciation icon, the only mistake was a missing "O" at the very beginning of the phrase so I took the lazy way out and just left it off. I may hear about it later from some reader of my book who knows their Greek, but I will just have to apologize for my laziness!

Now that the drawings are all corrected, I can get back to working on the text again.

Meanwhile, I will pass along to you a question that I came across in an article today: "Is there anyone in your life that you love more than you love yourself?"

Peace be with you all.

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