Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Busy Evening

I have got a young couple arriving soon for there first full class with me so I don't have much time for posting -- nor do I have much that is worth posting in the way of drawings.

There are two flower sketches. The first one (above) is called Amarylla which is a close cousin of the Amaryllis plant. I used a photo of flowers in Hylott's flower garden in Alabama. It really did not work out too well so I think I will try drawing it again.

This second flower is simply called, by me, a Purple Unknown. I came across the photo of it in a book which did not give any name. I would like to see a good photo of the plant as it looks as though it would be quite lovely; however, there was just a thumbnail size photo to work from.

Once again, I am not really satisfied with this sketch. If anyone out there has any idea what the name of this flower is, then I could find a decent photo to work from. Until then, a Purple Unknown it will be.

What I have been doing is setting up all the drafts for the 14 icons I need to do of the Stations of the Cross. I think I am just about ready to start working on the first one. You will, of course, be informed of how it is going -- and if it works out OK, you will soon start to see the first drafts of the icons.

Well, it is almost time for them to arrive.
Peace be with you all.

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