Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Life is filled with so many gifts -- it is always just a matter of recognizing them as such.

The drawing above is, obviously, a type of orchid -- I am not sure which kind. Orchids always make me think of gifts as all the orchids I have ever had have been gifts. This drawing, for example, was able to be done because my friend, Walter, copied the photograph from a power point slide show and sent it to me so that I could draw it. This is why I have named the drawing "Walter's Orchids".

I have an interesting history with orchids actually. The very first orchid I was ever given was an orchid arm corsage at age 14. I was in the ninth grade at the time and had been invited to attend the prom with a 11th grade boy I had come to know. After clearing this with my parents and finding one of my older sister's old prom dresses which could be made to fit, I was all ready when he arrived carrying an orchid corsage. I was so thrilled as my mother helped me tie it to my arm.

In the photograph below you can see how I looked that night and you can also see the orchid on my left wrist. What a magical evening that was but, sadly, the relationship was short-lived. The sweet boy had a serious problem with bad breath and I had no idea how to deal with this so I started coming up with excuses until he gave up. As I scanned the photo into the computer recently, I looked at the back of the photograph and saw where he had written "To a wonderful girl -- I will never forget you." Ah, young love

Finally tonight, I want to show you a simple drawing I did of the Bunch berry plant. Obviously, I am calling the drawing "Bunch Berry". It is not an exciting drawing, but I really like the leaves of the Bunch Berry and the effect created with the different leaves for a background.

So ends another posting.

I did want to let you know that I have had an update from Hylott on his wife, Patsy's, condition and she seems to be recovering from her surgery and should be able to come home in a week or so. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.

May peace be with you all.


Amra Porobic said...

What a beautiful photo of you! You were like a princess.

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at your blog and I like Walter's Orchids. The colour is especially appealing set against the dark background. . .Your knowledge and appreciation of flowers seems to have an extremely wide range. Have you thought of developing a collection of your floral drawings in some way - either another book (!) or possibly there is some way to display them as a unit on line? I know you have two other projects going (the Rosary book and the Stations of the Cross) - but maybe this is something to consider down the road someday.