Monday, 18 May 2009

I Forgot

I forgot completely about posting to my blog last night. I wasn't sick or anything, but I was working on my first icon of the Stations of the Cross and got so involved that I forgot until this morning! So, I will post this morning and change my schedule accordingly.

This first drawing pleases me. It is of Bluebell Lungwort -- I guess it was thought to help your lungs. I should check and see. Anyway, it is such a beautiful flower with really nice leaves. Most of all, it was fun to draw.

This next drawing is obviously some sort of water lily. I found the photo I worked from on a site within the Catholic Answers web site and the photographer did not name the flower. So, I am just calling it "Water Lily".

I just realized that I have been very lazy about these two drawings. I could easily have tried to find more information on them before posting; however, I was working on this icon, you see and well...

I really am hopeless when I get involved in drawing a new icon. I have to force myself to stop and go to bed. Fortunately, miz k.d. starts to remind me vocally that it is bedtime and won't quit until I show signs of getting ready -- like turning off the computer. She knows the sound Windows makes as it shuts down and she waits for it before she stops meowing, loudly. What a cat!!

Anyway, may peace be with you all. I will post again on Wednesday.

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