Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just a brief visit

I can't write too much as I really can't see that well. Just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery went fine and the doctor was pleased with the results when I saw him yesterday. Right now I am just having to wait for things to improve in their own sweet time. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and loving thoughts -- they made a big difference.

This drawing, by the way, is the Station known as "Jesus is nailed to the cross". I actually got this far on it on Wednesday night, Thursday morning as I really couldn't sleep that well while waiting for the surgery. We left here at 6:30 Thursday morning and although the surgery did not take that long, I was able to return home and sleep for the rest of the day.

As you may have noticed from one of the comments, it was recommended that I leave off the titles of each station and just go with the number. It is certainly easier for me. If you have a different opinion, let me know.

Well, it is back to bed for more rest and sleep. See you June 1st.

Peace be with you.

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