Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Quiet Day

Not only have I had a quiet day, I have also had a couple of naps. I am not sure why I am so tired, maybe it is the idea of my approaching surgery, but whatever it is it makes me feel like an old lady -- nodding away in my chair.

However, in between working on my icons, I did take the time to try drawing a new flower. This flower (above) is called "A Lenten Rose" -- its Latin name is Helleborus x orientalis. This is a perennial plant and comes in lots of different colours. I obviously prefer the reddish-pink

I decided to include in tonight's posting a photograph of me taken a couple of years ago at the wedding of a Godson. I believe this picture was taken when I was reading the intercessions during the wedding Mass. It reminds me of the best thing to do during a quiet day -- spend lots of time talking with the Lord.

Remember that I won't be posting on Thursday as that is the day I have my cataract surgery. I hope to be posting again by the 30th.

The surgery will be Thursday morning, the 28th. Please remember me in your prayers and thoughts. It certainly is not serious surgery, but I guess I am feeling a bit anxious about it because it is the first time that anyone has done anything to my eyes. I am trying to be at peace and place it all in God's hands, but am having a bit of difficulty -- which is one reason why I need your thoughts and prayers!

Peace be with you.

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