Sunday, 28 June 2009

Another Revision and A Busy Butterfly

Thanks to my dear friend, E., I have made some changes to the final station -- the Resurrection. Please let me know what you think of it.

I removed the small angel from in front of Christ and put an angel in the air. I also added rays coming from the tomb in hopes of giving more of any impression of depth. I also added a few lines to the winding sheet at the foot of the entrance to the tomb to try to let people know what that white thing is! There was some confusion and it may still not work.

Unfortunately, these image are so small in the space I have for the blog so take a look at it enlarged and see what you think and please, if you have any suggestions, pass them along.

I am giving this next drawing a long title: "Butterfly feeding on Forget-Me-Not".

I was really attracted to this photo because it shows how much pollen the butterfly has already picked up in the process of feeding. I tried to show that in my drawing as well, but don't know if I managed or not.

This is a strange week coming up. I have to prepare for surgery on Monday and then have the surgery on Tuesday. Wednesday is Canada Day -- kind of like our 4th of July. Then the remainder of the week should be recovery and rest and getting back into my regular routine -- maybe glasses free!

As I have mentioned, the book is ready for sale. I will be preparing all the information of costs and ordering procedures, etc. during this week and hopefully will be posting it by Thursday. Remember, I won't be posting on Tuesday since that is the day of the surgery. So, I won't post again now until Thursday. See you then.

Peace be with you all.

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