Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another Try for First

After several comments (only one of which made it to the blog), I decided that I needed to scrap the first Station and try to rebuild it -- which is exactly what I have done.

So, I would appreciate some opinions on this revised edition and feel free to make them as comments to the blog. If you have forgotten your original password, just check Anonymous and you will be allowed to make a comment. Then when you finish you can sign your name if you want to.

I was thinking today about why these are called Stations. The English word for station comes from the Latin for stand. When the stations were first initiated, they were walked in Jerusalem itself by pilgrims. This practise begin in the early centuries after the death and resurrection of Christ. Each time an individual or group would come to one of the locations where an event was supposed to have occurred in the carrying of the cross, they would stop and pray -- thus each stop became one of the stations. Finally, 14 "stations" were established as the norm and are still walked by pilgrims to this very day.

These days you will also find drawings/icons of these stations in every Catholic church. This practise developed during the centuries when Christian were no longer able to actually go to Jerusalem -- mainly due to the occupation of the Holy Land by various Muslim leaders. So, if any of you non-Catholics are ever visiting a Catholic church and notice someone walking a bit and then standing to pray before walking a bit more, you will know that they are making the Stations of the Cross.

This poppy is known as "Papaver orientale" and I think it would be quite beautiful to see it for real.

The photo I was working from was not that good -- rather fuzzy actually -- but I tried to do my best and express something of the beauty that was almost visible.

By the way, the book is ready for the first printing of the draft copy. Once I have checked it carefully, I can then either go ahead and print it or make corrections if needed and then print it. So it should be available soon. I think I am going to use the option offered by the book printing service. I will announce the book far and wide and then everyone who wants to purchase a copy will go to their web site and place an order. The company will then send me my share of the selling costs. If any of you would prefer not to deal with an online company for any reason, please let me know and I will purchase enough copies to send out privately so you will deal directly with me.

There is just one holdup at the moment and once that is settled, I will place my order for my own draft copy. After that things should happen fairly quickly.

Peace be with you.

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