Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Change of Pace

Tonight I wanted to post some of the other items I have been working on. Whenever I want to take a break from the intensity of working on icons, I usually like to sketch flowers or water scenes. So that is what you'll be seeing tonight.

This first drawing (above) is called "Ask Hylott". When I saw the photograph he had sent, I was pretty certain it was a hibiscus, but I never trust myself. I still don't know for absolutely certain that that's what it is, but it looks like a hibiscus to me. However, since I had already named the print "Ask Hylott" when I exported it from his email, I have just ended up keeping the same name. It's kind of catchy, don't you think?

This second drawing is called "Another Hot One" as the scene reminds me of early morning in parts of the deep south close to the Gulf of Mexico. In the summer as the sun is rising, everything is a hazy, yellow colour and you just know that it is going to be really hot and humid.

I have no idea where the photo was taken as it is one I came across online somewhere and no information was given as to the photographer or where it was taken, but it made me think of the canals near areas like Gulf Shores (Alabama) and Panama City (Florida).

I made it to Mass today because I really wanted to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. However, it was such a beautiful day out there that I really didn't want to come home until I reached my neighbourhood, that is!

We have a festival each year in Toronto for dogs and their people and it is always held in my neighbourhood. When I left to go to church, the streets were practically empty -- just vendors setting up their booths, etc. On my return, however, it was a very different story.

Trying to maneuver a wheelchair through hundreds of dogs and even more people is a very difficult task -- in fact, it is the sort of situation that could cause a person to actually stop loving their fellowman and to consider the pleasure of running over some of the more obnoxious ones! You'll be glad to hear that I refrained from temptation and finally made it home to my quiet apartment and a sleepy cat.

Peace be with you all.

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