Friday, 12 June 2009

Falling Three Times

Here are the 3 stations where Jesus falls under the weight of the cross.

This first one (above) is the same one I used for Jesus carrying His cross in the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. I hope it is not a bad thing to use the same icon in another series since it does fit very well for the first fall, Station III.

Each fall, of course, causes His captors to treat Him more cruelly. That always seems to happen with violence -- once it has taken control every little hesitation seems to kick the rage of the person up a notch.

I have seen a father so angry with a child that every time the child tried to say "yes, sir" through her tears, the father would strike the child again when the words did not come easily -- each time striking harder.

So it was with the captors of Jesus. Every time He fell, they turned on Him in fury.

In His final fall, just before reaching the top of the hill of crucifixion, the soldier uses his staff and his foot to try to push Christ and His cross over so the soldiers could yank Him up again and drag Him the rest of the way. So casually callous the soldier is -- for him it's just another day's work.

There was a story on tonight's news about a young man seen pulling a dog by it leash down one of those long flight of stairs at the subway. The dog had fallen and was not given time to try to stand as the man casually dragged him -- bump, bump, bump. The people in the station called the police and animal control who were on the scene quickly. Concerned passengers tried to comfort the dog while others held the man until the authorities arrived. Turns out the dog was 15 years old and had simply gotten exhausted by too long a walk and the man was the dog walker that a couple had hired to walk their dog each day!

Whether human or animal, angry people seem to be able to hurt and harm with casual indifference. Sadly, evil is alive and well in this world -- just as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus fell three times under the weight of the cross.

Peace be with you all

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