Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Finally, my first posting for June

Well, in spite of the fact that it is only 2:00 in the afternoon, I decided I had better go ahead and do my posting for today. I am already feeling quite weary.

I think it must be that I had two doctor's appointments that morning one of which included a procedure where they wrapped my legs in numerous bandages from my toes to my knees. Very interesting -- now let's just hope we don't have a sudden heat wave!

Then I had to endure another procedure known as a punch biopsy! This simply means that after deadening the area, the doctor took a sample of tissue for biopsy. It is nothing serious -- rather there is an area of skin that is misbehaving and no one can figure out why! So hopefully, the results will show that it is simply me trying to call attention to myself again!!

So, I think you can see why I feel like taking a good long nap -- and these days, these naps often turn into all-nighters.

Now to the drawing at the top.

This is Station I of the Stations of the Cross: "Pilate condemns Jesus to be crucified". It is very interesting to me that I chose to make the figures in this icon larger than in any of the others. I think it is because this moment is the beginning of the end of this most important battle between good and evil.

Pilate had had all sorts of promptings to let Jesus go. His wife pleaded with him to do so because of a dream she had, Pilate's own conscious bothered him as he tried to find ways to get out of having Jesus put to death and finally, in desperation to please the crowd, he condemns Jesus but seeks to separate himself from the act by publicly washing his hands and saying that they are guilty of this man's death, not he.

And so the march toward the Crucifixion begins.

I would ask you to compare this drawing to the earlier drawings and see if you think it will be all right to have the figures in the first Station a bit larger than those in the remaining ones. Thanks.

Now, I must get some rest. I hope what I have written makes sense as I wrote part of it with my eyes closed! I am sure I will be better by Thursday.

Peace be with you all -- always.

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Amra Porobic said...

It's not the size that matters so much as the background. It sticks out from other icons. Also the colours seem to be in a discord. Try to change either the shade of the green or the sky. I like the best Station XII.